HVACR certified technicians with over 40 years combined experience.


We stock a very extensive supply of parts in our on-site warehouse to ensure a rapid response to your service challenge.


Superior Food responds to repair requests for almost every major manufacturer of commercial food equipment.

Superior Food Equipment Service Company:
Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Q: My pilot light keeps going out when I let the gas valve button go.

A: Several problems can cause this, including a dirty pilot, low gas pressure, bad thermocouple or thermopile.

Q: My oven does not cook properly; food is cooked unevenly or burned on the edges.

A: The most likely causes include: gas pressure too low or too high, two or moore pans that are different sizes and depths.

Q: My oven is set on 350 degrees but is burning my product.

A: The most likely causes are: gas pressure too high, temp probe out of range or controller out of range.

Questions and Answers